Preserving Precious Memories

Dad had an old 8mm camera to capture the moments.

KEMEdia preserves the memories.

In film transfers, appropriate gear and set-up are the key.

We use only projectors that compensate for the difference in frame rates between film (24 fps) and video (30 fps). Using projectors that do not do this results in an image that flickers.

We also run all film to digital tape first before making your DVD’s. This provides you with a hi quality sub master on digital tape in case you wish to edit your stock as well. We find that this workflow allows for the best flexibility in preserving your films.

Precise telecine chain set-up also contributes a great deal to the success of a transfer.

Over the years KEMEdia has transferred hundreds of miles of film, preserving them on VHS,

S-VHS, Betacam SP, Digital tape and DVD.

We have been a trusted name for film transfers since 1983 and also perform sub-contract work for other studios and photo stores.

We can add music, titles and narration if you like.

Preserve your memories! Contact us today!

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Film Transfers


Elmo 16CL Optical

16mm Projector

GAF Dual 8 Telecine System with Achromatic Lens for colour clarity and accuracy

Elmo GS800M Stereo

Dual 8mm Projector

Focus Scan FS Mix Telecine Chain

Sony DSR-250

3 CCD DVCam Camera


Sony DVC-1000 3CCD DV Camera

Sony 10 inch Underscan

Colour Monitor

TriCaster Pro FX